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Resource Room

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Resource Room offers job seekers access to the Massachusetts Career Information System. The Massachusetts Career Information System (MassCIS) is an internet based interactive system designed to help people make better informed educational and occupational choices. Services available include:

Interest Assessment: Helps you identify your true interests

Career Exploration: Introduces you to the many career paths open to you by evaluating your abilities, values and skills.

Educational Exploration: Introduces you to the educational opportunities available. MassCIS is free for all Massachusetts residents.

Searching for the right job?

The following information is available in the Resource Room.

Ready to apply for a job?

The Resource Room provides access to the following to make applying for that job more efficient

  • Printers to print out your finished resume
  • Professional resume and cover letter paper
  • Copy machine for duplicating resumes
  • Fax machine for faxing resumes to prospective employers
  • Telephone for calling employers

Need some assistance?

The Resource Room staff is there to assist and answer any questions you might have.

Career and Job Search Workshops

Need to brush up on some job search skills?

The career center offers workshops tailored to the needs of a variety of job seekers and designed to provide participants with knowledge and skills that will enable them to secure employment.

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Free Orientation to Career Opportunities

What else is available through Career Opportunities?

Career Center Services workshops are held at each of the career centers. They provide members the opportunity to learn about all the services available to them at Career Opportunities.

Career Center Seminars

Where do you begin?

These seminars help you examine your career options.

Interview/Skills Assessment

Do you have what you need and want to find employment?

Upon becoming a member, an individual is interviewed and assessed by a counselor to determine the needs and wants of the member. If the member needs or wants training or education or a more comprehensive assessment, the counselor will make the referral to the appropriate service.

Career and Job Search Services Available for a Fee

The services below are customized to the needs of the individual and are available for a fee. Fees may be paid by individuals, employers, unions, or, for eligible customers, by state, federal or philanthropic sources. Financial assistance is often available to the unemployed and under-employed. Eligible Veterans may qualify for priority of service for Federal employment and training funds, provided they meet the eligibility criteria of the program to which they are applying. Covered persons include Veterans and certain spouses of Veterans.

Interest and Aptitude Testing: An in-depth approach to determining a member's strengths, interest and abilities. Cost of this program is $150.

Assessment/Career Counseling: A process whereby a counselor assists customers on a one-on-one basis to gain a better understanding of themselves in relation to the world of work. Services include career exploration, assessment, referrals to workshops and job matching.

Career Development: Provision of professional help and tools essential to discovering one's ultimate potential and career path.

Job Development: Provision of one-on-one assistance identifying and applying for appropriate job openings

Skill Development/Targeted Competency Development: Skill development including basic skill tutoring or targeted competency development such as academic remediation, GED preparation and computer literacy.

  • GED Preparation: Individuals wishing to obtain the equivalent of a high school diploma can prepare for their GED.
  • Remedial Training: Individuals who lack the reading to math skills needed to find employment can take advantage of this training which provides an opportunity to upgrade their academic skills.
  • Computer Literacy Program: Teach fundamental, proficient and expert-level skills in a variety of computer programs used in industry today. This is a self-paced individualized program where people learn at their own rate and speed. This program allows individuals to learn, practice skills, review work and evaluate attainment of competencies in each program. Individuals are pre-tested in each area which helps determine what they know and what they do not know. Students taking this course will never need to learn skills they already know. The program allows for practical applications that enhance the individual's skills, such as resumes, business letters, databases, spreadsheets and slide presentations. Fee for each module is $69.00. For a complete list of programs offered, click here.
  • Resume Preparation Assistance: An in-depth one-on-one activity designed to assist the individual who needs specialized individualized instruction and guidance in constructing a resume.


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